Alpha-Fry Technologies

The flagship of the Alpha-Fry European operations is the manufacturing plant at Ashford in Southern England. The plant is purpose built for the controlled manufacture of chemical products. Included on the new facility is a computer controlled, state-of-the-art flux and chemical blending plant. A manufacturing capability approaching 10 million litres of finished product per annum is achieved by the use of a sophisticated computer system, which monitors the manufacturing operations. Bulk storage facilities to service the manufacturing operation are comprehensive and included 200,000 litre capacity of flammable solvents in a fully protected tank farm, 110,000 litres of non-flammable raw materials and 660,000 litres of acid storage. Waste and effluent controls are vital to a modern chemical processing facility and a very comprehensive collection and monitoring system is in place, which centres on a collection facility with 150,000 litre capacity. The plant has been designed to produce Alpha-Fry products to consistently high standards and as efficiently as possible.