Project Direction & Management

All of our Project Managers and Programme Managers are highly experienced in the field as well as being senior engineers in their own right, typically from the Chemical or Mechanical discipline.  We are experienced in all types of construction contract and project delivery methodologies.  We can work within an organisation’s in-house standards otherwise we will apply the principles of internationally published standards and guidance.  Our preference is for collaborative arrangements involving customers and suppliers in the project team as appropriate to achieve a win-win across the board.

We promote a front end loaded approach to be really clear about what is to be delivered before engaging large scale resources in the detailed design and implementation. This means we can achieve the most effective project delivery in the shortest timescales whilst achieving exceptional value for money.

We also recommend and adopt a ‘Gated’ approach wherever possible. The discipline of defining and agreeing ‘Stage Gates’ between the key stakeholders brings into focus the overall goals of the project and identifies which activities supply most value to the delivery process.

Project planning, control and risk assessment

Once the delivery strategy is in place we will plan, control and direct the project sequencing and scheduling activities, planning and balancing resources, managing cost and risk, driving and reporting on progress as well as facilitating client reviews, approvals and meetings.