Construction Management

Construction Management is the responsibility of the Project Manager. The role can be delegated to a Construction Manager for larger projects and includes management of all activity on site. We prefer to involve our Construction Manager at the earliest practical stage so that he/she can fully contribute to the constructability and sequencing of the implementation.
Our Construction Managers adhere to both the letter and spirit of the current CDM regulations and oversee every aspect of the design implementation on site.  The Construction Manager can always rely on Head Office Administration team as well as the engineers to assist him/her in delivering the overall project.
Some of the typical work areas include:
· Define work area, secure boundary, set up accommodation, install services and facilities.
· Prepare Access plan

– Prepare Constuction Plan
· Schedule, sequence and co-ordinate construction work.
· Secure and maintain a project delivery team at site.
· Control site access, deliveries and safety
· Undertake regular reporting in accordance with the agreements.
· Maintain project delivery schedule in accordance with the agreements
· Commissioning
· Documentation