Sector Outline

This sector includes the manufacture of pharmaceutical ingredients, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s), pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals as well as primary and secondary pharmaceutical packaging.  Typically it includes the buildings, services and laboratories associated with supporting specialist pharmaceutical areas.

Pharmaceutical design and construction with R B Plant is a fully interactive experience.  We wholeheartedly  engage with your expert staff and product knowledge to both ensure and assure the delivery of a fully functional and validated facility.   R B Plant are conversant with cGMP and cGEP including the principles of Quality Assurance and Validation at every stage-gate:  Design, Installation, Operation, and Process.  We carry out a number of design reviews to provide assurance that the design completely satisfies the User Requirement Specification (URS).  Design reviews typically include Fault Modes and Effects Analyses (FMEA’s), Safety Integrity Level (SIL) analyses and Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) studies at appropriate stages to assure the integrity and safety of the design.  The whole-team experience continues into construction and commissioning to ensure minimum disruption during implementation, commissioning and validation.


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R B PLANT Experience

R B Plant fortunes were initially built on our technical expertise employed by pharmaceutical businesses in the South East of England including GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and Abbott Laboratories.  Although activity levels have declined, we still maintain the full range of skills and serve a broad pharmaceutical client base throughout the UK and Europe.

Pharmaceutical design, construction, commissioning and validation

R B Plant engineers are well versed in every aspect of pharmaceutical design, construction, commissioning and validation; up to and including design and construction of an aseptic pharmaceutical production line from manufacture of API through to packaging final product.  Our skills include: Project scoping and layout;  flows of materials, personnel and equipment; batch separation and segregation of personnel and materials flows for quality management and control purposes as well as continuous manufacturing.  We are fully able to carry out process designs and EPCM for primary manufacture including the relevant building services, Cleaning In Place (CIP) and effluent treatment requirements.  Pharmaceutical HVAC design including: differential pressures, directional air-flows, filtration and containment philosophies to protect product, personnel or both.  Building design of service, storage, changing areas and process rooms including appropriate: surface finishes, lighting, access controls, equipment and services to suit the environments.  We also provide all the standard building services; external utilities and logistics arrangements required to optimise productivity.

Pharmaceutical product development

One example of R B Plant’s development of long term client relationships is with Abbott Laboratories (now Consort Pharmaceuticals and formerly Aesica) on the Isle of Sheppey.  R B Plant have designed and delivered the majority of capital projects on site from 1978 to present.  These projects include every aspect of pharmaceutical product development, solid and liquid dose manufacture, including cutting edge design and construction of high-containment, aseptic manufacturing and filling lines.  We still maintain a team at the Consort Pharmaceuticals Sheppey site.


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