Minerals & Gemstones

Sector Outline.

Sector summary:

+ Gemstone cleaning and processing from the mine to the polishing table.

+ Minerals processing from the quarry as rock or slurry to loading finished product onto transport.

The larger part of the sector is downstream processing of bulk minerals and RB Plant have extensive experience with china clay, calcium carbonate, aggregates and cement which have major uses in construction materials, ceramics and as fillers for paper and plastics.  There are multiple overlaps with our other sectors in areas such as fine chemicals, bulk materials handling, site services, logistics and waste treatment.

Gemstone cleaning is an important niche market for RB Plant combining our minerals processing knowledge with the ability to handle and process molten salts as well as hot, concentrated acids and bases.


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RB Plant Experience – Gemstone processing and downstream processing of calcium carbonate

RB Plant have several customer relationships in both gemstone processing and downstream processing of calcium carbonate which go back more than 20 years.

We have significant whole process experience in: china clay, ground calcium carbonate (GCC), Precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) lime, dredged aggregates and cement manufacture.  We have constructed and refurbished a number of production lines.  An initial UK project on a PCC line lead onto decades of Europe-wide consultancy for one of our main clients.  We have carried out designs on Aggregates facilities including complete process and systems integration from reception of raw materials by ship to road and rail loading.

Our experience in gemstone cleaning extends from processing gems straight out of the mine through to clean bright stones ready for cutting.  The process is more complex than it may seem using molten salts, concentrated acids and concentrated alkalis at high temperatures.  We provide Design and EPCM services for the build of the facility.