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Sector Outline.

This sector includes high temperature manufacturing, unit operations and process integration in the following general areas:  blast furnaces, induction furnaces, heat treating, plate glass, plate glass coating, iron smelting, steel rolling, steel coating, Rockwool fibre insulation, glass fibre insulation, precious metals processing, gemstone ‘washing’ with molten salts, lead processing and silver extraction, precious metal processing including silver and platinum.  This sector includes bulk handling of raw materials and products as well as the separation and treatment of wastes such as metal slag, for recovery of metal and conversion into construction materials, plus site services, infrastructure and logistics associated with the manufacturing processes.  Metals, glass and by-products are highly recyclable.  About 83% of steel worldwide is recycled and 97% of steel by-products are recyclable.

RB Plant have extensive experience of high temperature processing at both large and small scale in a wide range of industries we chose to group under this heading.


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RB Plant Experience – High temperature manufacturing, unit operations and process integration

We are expert in hot-duct designs both water and evaporatively cooled.  Precious metal catalyst projects with Johnson Matthey and UOP account for a useful proportion of our income.  We do regular consultancies and designs for foundries and other users of high temperature processing and extraction systems such as glass manufacture, lead recycling, silver recovery and processing.   Several RB Plant engineers come directly from a steel manufacturing-equipment background having designed and built furnaces, mills and coating lines all over the world, most recently a steel mill on the Isle of Sheppey.  We also know a thing or two about oxygen lances, steel processing and recycling at all scales and in all environments.  We have designed and built a number of furnaces for various applications including Zinc galvanising.  Recently we designed a rockwool maufacuting line.  We have refurbished/rebuilt 3 glass furnaces in the UK and installed 2 glass coating plants in Chile and the UK.  We have designed a lead battery recycling, lead refining and silver recovery plant.  We handle projects for precious metals downstream processing including catalytic converters for car exhausts.  More recently we used our high temperature processing experience in the design and construction of a unit operation to ‘wash’ gemstones with molten salts including filtration to remove particles from the molten bath.

Our relationship with Knauf, Pilkingtons, and NSG since the take-over, are examples of long term client relationships extending over 2 decades and several continents.


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