About Us

R B Plant was founded in 1969 to provide Engineering Consultancy, Design and Construction Management Services to the Process Industries. Our Chemical, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Control Engineers are at the heart of our dynamic 50-strong organisation. We relish the challenge of the unusual, the cutting edge, high tech and one-off engineering projects of all sizes across the globe and have an excellent reputation and track record to prove our competence. Our projects range in capital values from £50k to £50m.


We provide a complete multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy service. This includes design, management and control of the whole project lifecycle as well as the specialist discipline engineering services required to deliver the complete project or programme.


Above all R B Plant is client and engineering focussed. We are proud of our reputation as partner-of-choice for process and technology based clients. The majority of our work is repeat business, which proves the insight and value of the services we offer. We look forward to working with you again.



R B Plant Core Values

We prefer leadership by example.  All of our directors work in the business and are directly involved in the projects.  Engineering heads and Project Managers are promoted on their engineering competence and their abilities to consistently demonstrate our core company values.


We value our clients.  R B Plant’s success is based on establishing long term relationships with our clients; many of which span 45 years or more.  Our clients and our word-of-mouth reputation are important to us.  Every client request or enquiry, large or small, is highly valued and deserves a quick response.


We are committed to achieving the highest standards of safety.  This holds true both at our offices and at our client sites.  We expect safe practices to be demonstrated in the integrity of our designs; our management of constructions sites and our personal behaviours.  We have been a member of Construction Safety, EITCB and the British Safety Council for many years and have received numerous safety awards from the British Safety Council and clients’ own safety teams.


All of our engineers are encouraged to study and achieve the Nebosh Health and Safety Certificate.


We maintain high standards of business integrity.  We consistently exceed our legal obligations in all areas of association with our clients, our workers, our designs and construction, the environment and the local communities we may affect.   We have maintained ISO 9001 accreditation for quality assurance since 1995.  We achieved ISO 14001 accreditation for our approach to environmental protection in 2015.


We seize the opportunity to innovate.   A client enquiry in a new and difficult field is always an opportunity to develop ourselves, our skills and our service.  On the basis of a new and challenging enquiry we can innovate, develop and deliver client solutions as well as develop new service offerings to extend our capability.


We treat our suppliers with fairness and respect.  All of our suppliers are valued members of a project delivery team and deserve clear and timely specifications and payments according to an agreed appointment.  We rely heavily on published standards to specify our requirements and later provide assurance that every system and component delivered on a project can be verified against its intended purpose.


We aim to care for all of our workers according to their needs and abilities.  We prefer a collaborative approach to projects in which our workers share knowledge, skills and experience to achieve the best project outcomes.  This ensures survival of the business as well as a progression of all staff in their careers and life journeys.  Training is important and we undertake annual reviews of requirements to allocate training budgets.  We have maintained membership of the EITCB for many years and take on engineering apprentices whenever the opportunity arises.  We encourage open dialogue and constantly work towards a balanced and happy working environment.   We have a high employee retention rate and most of our staff choose to stay with us for the long term.


R B Plant Health and Safety Policy Document 2018


QEM Policy Statement